Hydraulic Compressors

Hydraulic Compressors

To the exit of the last stadium of compression, the cooled gas and filtrate is sent to a further hydraulic compressor (booster). This addictional compression unity is able to lift the gas pressure from 20/160 bar to 250 bar. The main characteristic of the hydraulic compressor is the lower rpm revolution motor; this permits a very slow refuelling phase, without increase the final gas temperature. The SICOM booster use electrical motor with range power: 7.5 to 75 kW and flow rate from 300 to 650 Smc/h. Discourse differently as refer the BV30, this unit is employed to discharge the cylinder trucks. It can work with suction pressures ranging from 5 to 200 bar and outlet pressure of up to 250bar with a maximum lead of 1500 Smc/h.


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