Reciprocating Compressors

Reciprocating Compressors

The reciprocating SICOM compressor, oil free type are the most important solution in the CNG field. SICOM design and manufacture compressor with simple or double effect head, with disposition of the cylinders to W or horizontal. In order to increase the compression phase performance and therefore to reduce the absorbed power, the SICOM compressor have an interstage cooling system water-gas type; SICOM produce also air-gas system. SICOM manufacture compressors with 2 or 3 cylinders from 3 or 4 phases. The compressor is drived by an electric or endothermic motor, direct coupling link, or through transmission straps. SICOM compressor model range is 2 to 2300 Smc/h of flow rate, 2,2 to 350 kW of installed power and 0.2 to 70 barg of inlet pressure


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